a virtual reality production company

Since 2014, our goal has been to explore the value and opportunities of new VR technology through research, development, and the formation of long term partnerships.

Working with and Supporting Creative Industries

Jumpgate is collaborating with filmmakers, musicians, artists and performers to create narrative VR productions.

Working with the film industry, Jumgpate plays a variety of roles, either co-develop or producing, or bringing technical support and consulting services to projects. Jumpgate’s first narrative VR experience was produced to support the Australian feature film Scare Campaign, creating a VR Teaser trailer that has been released online and used in sales and marketing strategies at Cannes and AFM. Jumpgate has also produced the first virtual reality horror film in Australia with the support of Screen Australia and Cyan Films and supported the 2015 Adelaide Film Festival by partnering to create and manage the VR Suite at the Festival

In the music world, Jumpgate is working with artists and ensembles in a number of genres. In mid 2015, Jumpgate partnered with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to create the Santos Virtual Reality Lunchtime Concert Series and produced a chamber music experience with the Seraphim Trio at the Melbourne Recital Centre. 

Working with Tourism and Conservation

Jumpgate is working with partners around Australia to explore applications of Virtual Reality to tourism and conservation, often with significant overlap with entertainment works. The team exhibited virtual reality technology at the 2014 World Parks Congress and is exploring the value of virtual technologies to conservation narratives. 

Simulation Training Applications

Jumpgate is actively applying virtual reality technology to training applications, including high performance sports decision making, safety and induction training for infrastructure, virtual site visits for mining and more. The team’s approach is to develop flexible and tailored solutions, to allow for pilot applications to be refined based on consultation with clients and key partners.

Live Events

Jumpgate is working with live events to help capture unique experiences in virtual reality. Having produced the first virtual reality experience with AFL, Jumpgate has worked with a range of clubs, including Port Adelaide Power,  Adelaide Crows, and more (to be released soon!).

Jumpgate is also working with a number of festivals, including the Adelaide Film Festival, and has produced content at major music festivals including Splendour in the Grass.

We understand that the value comes first, not the technology, and we’re tailoring applications and approaches across a range of industries to allow partners to develop, produce, create and explore new ideas with Virtual Reality.

Design Visualisation & Construction

Jumpgate’s experience with architectural and construction visualisation (through sister company Convergen) has enabled the rapid development of design visualisation programs to support design and construction projects. Working with photo-composite and full digital 3D pipelines, Jumpgate produces tailored virtual reality experiences for major infrastructure works and is applying it on projects across the country from tender stage right through to community and stakeholder engagement.

Jumpgate is also producing virtual site visits for complex projects to allow viewers to access restricted and difficult areas. Programs are also being developed to assist with project reporting to stakeholders interstate or overseas.

Research and Development

Research & Development is an essential part of all Jumpgate’s projects, as it plays a key role in tailoring solutions across industries. This includes technical workflows, use of latest technology or even designing camera rigs and mounting mechanisms for unorthodox applications. Jumpgate understands the rapidly changing technological landscape and is excited to continue exploring virtual and augmented technology applications.