Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe

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“Hugo Michell Gallery is thrilled to present a solo exhibition by James Darling and Lesley Forwood; Living Rocks: A Fragment of the Universe. Darling and Forwood are conceptual artists who make strong social, political and environmental statements through unique site-specific mallee root installations. Living Rocks is a bold departure and a fundamentally ambitious project, achieved in collaboration with Jumpgate VR and the Australian String Quartet.

On a trip to the Limestone Coast, an ecologist informed Darling and Forwood they would find thrombolites; rare rock-like microbial structures which, when emerged from beneath water, photosynthesize.

Thrombolites and stromatolites are both microbialites whose structures colonise lake floors and which, over billions of years, supplied the first large quantities of oxygen to the atmosphere of our planet.

Darling and Forwood have responded to the extraordinary natural structures with an expansive and evolutionary installation, which includes flooding two thirds of the seventeen-metre long gallery. Jumpgate VR, has generated a landscape spanning 3 billion years. Living Rocks will also feature an original score composed by Paul Stanhope which has just been recorded by the Australian String Quartet at UKARIA Cultural Centre.”

– Hugo Michell Gallery

ASO Encore

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“Thanks to a Positive Ageing Grant from the Office for the Ageing (OTA) the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (ASO) in partnership with Community Centres SA Inc. is currently running a virtual reality (VR) pilot project in 13 community centres.

Visiting community centres throughout and beyond the Adelaide metropolitan area the project provides access to an ASO music experience to people who are unable to attend a live concert and allow older members of the community to combine new virtual reality technology with their love of music.

Using a revolutionary new multi-camera recording process,  Jumpgate VR (an Adelaide-based company) has created a virtual reality concert with a series of music performed by the ASO and recorded during concerts held in 2015.

Wearing a set of earphones and a headset that supports a smartphone this is a totally immersive experience for the viewer! They can hear and see the music as if sitting in the middle of the orchestra and can swivel through 360 degrees to view any musician or section of the orchestra as they play their music!

Once participants have viewed the footage, they are then invited to have a conversation about the music with volunteers – thereby creating a lovely moment of social connection within our community.

These sessions have been extremely popular and totally booked out days in advance!”

– Community Centres SA