‘The Extraction’ to Play at MIFF 2017

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Jumpgate are excited to announce that ‘The Extraction’, a VR short directed by Khoa Do and our very own Piers Mussared will be playing at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2017.

With Khoa we set out to really push the envelope in terms of Genre storytelling in Virtual Reality and cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Screenings will be held at the festival on the 11th-12th of August so head over to the MIFF website to book your tickets.

Also stay tuned for a sneak peak behind the scenes of this one of a kind shoot. BTS Series COMING SOON but in the mean time…here is a few zombies!

Gold ACS Award for ‘The Unseen House’

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We at Jumpgate VR are pretty happy to announce that Piers Mussared our resident Cinematographer/Director and Visual Magician has received a Gold ACS Award (State, 2016) for his superb work on ‘The Unseen House’.

Check out the project here.

Created as part of Google’s Cultural Institute, ‘The Unseen House’ also received an Award of Distinction in Cinematography at the 2017 National Awards in Sydney.

Our filmmaking process is a very collaborative and team oriented way of work but nevertheless it’s always nice to receive such accolades and truly is a credit to Piers consistent delivery of world class visuals in this space.

A big healthy Jumpgate congrats to all the other winners at the ACS awards night. Some truly phenomenal work!


Website Relaunch

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2015 has been an exciting year for Virtual Reality, with the technology and demand evolving and maturing extremely quickly. Jumpgate has already produced over a dozen projects, and with strong precedent and relationships, we’re excited about the future ahead.

To show our progress and in anticipation of the partnership with the 2015 Adelaide Film Festival, we are proud to relaunch our website to better explain what we are up to and demonstrate our breadth of work. We have been wary of putting on a big show without having the works to back it up, however after completing projects in a range of industries and with many exciting thing coming up, we’re very confident now to announce what we’ve been up to as we move towards 2016.

There will be a number of releases to happen over the Festival, including the launch of our first narrative VR film, so stay posted.

Thankyou for all your support,

The team at Jumpgate.